About the brand

About the brand

We are a young, dynamic clothing brand. A brand that combines the world of fashion, art and design. We want to be not only in industry but also art. We do not perceived fashion in the context of clothes. It is for us an aesthetic phenomenon, artistic, musical, a part of the culture, history of art, a fragment of the intellectual heritage of humanity, and even Outlook. We approach it idealistically. We are interested in fashion seen in categories of objects, fashion, that "sculpts the mind"-conceptual.

We create clothes "for the Person".

We are not interested in the clothes by themselves, but the stories that they tell, the impressions they make. Clothes that create a dead aesthetic order. Clothes, full of surprises, challenges and lack of humility.

Why such clothes?

Because they are fresh, subversive, beyond the rules and conventions, forcing an intellectual effort which is not for everyone. This is a consequence of the different attitudes of life and values. Fighting stereotypes. We do not focus on commerce, pragmatism, logic and conformism. We are not interested in mass production of uniformed "uniforms". The clothes "Żmurko" have the body and charisma. They are a manifestation of personality.
We aspire to create clothes that are a means of expression, unusual ideas, clothes that are a freedom for all those who do not want to meet the expectations, cravings and whims. Clothes with unique service-oriented aesthetics extravaganza and emancipation. We want to get to reach a distinctive group of people-people with artistic souls, eccentrics who do not like banality and convention, people are not expecting approval, recognition, acceptance and support for their style, choices and ideas. For the geeks looking for avant-garde solutions in fashion.